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Exploring Community Life (ECL)


Boot Camp has been updated!

Now watch a live presentation of all 12 Weeks of the new

Exploring Community Life (ECL)


    Before placing your members into a new structure, equip them in the value of cell life. Exploring Community Life will teach your future cell members the value of living in seven-day-a-week community, the difference between a Bible study and a cell group, the power of relational evangelism, and so much more. Don't assume your people will change just because they are placed into a cell structure. A smooth transition to cells begins with this 12 week life-changing experience.

12 Weeks of Downloadable Video Teaching
Prepare Your Average Church Member for Transition into Cell Life!

    ECL Week 01 - What is a Cell?

    ECL Week 02 - Cell Biology

    ECL Week 03 - Relating to the Father

    ECL Week 04 - Relating Through the Cross

    ECL Week 05 - Being a Family

    ECL Week 06 - Koinonia 24-7

    ECL Week 07 - Equipped for Ministry

    ECL Week 08 - Empowered for Ministry

    ECL Week 09 - Edification

    ECL Week 10 - Oikos Evangelism

    ECL Week 11 - Being a Cell Church

    ECL Week 12 - Becoming Part of a Cell


Purchase Videos Individually or as a Set

ECL Video Set Inludes

    1. Twelve 75-90 minute Video Teachings (720p / m4v).
    2. Getting Started Instructions
    3. Complete PowerPoint Slides
    4. Facilitator Notes for each week
    5. Participant Notes for each wwek
    6. Weekly Homework Handouts
    7. Weekly Small Group Discussion Questions

    ECL (Complete Package)
    ECL Weeks 01-06
    ECL Weeks 07-12

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