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African Testimonies

Spiritual Gifts Seminar  Life Community Church
“The teaching was taught in simplicity, yet very profound. The small groups we were put in encouraged me to trust God to use me, as well as God using other people to minister to me.” Nyambura

“The spiritual gifts were well explained. The comparison of giftings with the body system was great. I like the biblical clarifications, too. The seminar was an eye opener that the giftings are all about the Holy Spirit and He is the one who decides on who, what, and the timing.” Zipporah

Spiritual Gifts Seminar  Nairobi, Kenya
“I liked the systematic way the topic was explored. The detail the topic had and the presentation method was simple and easy to understand. The analogy of the human body to the Body of Christ was great. The training has helped me gain more insight and clarity about spiritual gifts.” Doris

“I gained insight into the Word of God and new truths. It was focused and to the point, with practical application. The PPT presentation and the training manual are very useful.” Jane

“Three things I liked about the training: 1) The understanding about the manifestational gifts and being freed from knowing that not speaking in tongues does not mean I do not have a manifestation. 2) Understanding about the church “Body of Christ” and how the Body of Christ functions. 3) Learning to know what spiritual gifts God gave to me and how they can be physically manifested. The training has taken the burden I had of feeling like a level 1 Christian (not much of a Christian) because I do not have a manifestation of speaking in tongues. It has helped me understand how to seek God and not focus on seeking the gift. For this I thank you very much, Dr. Les.” PM

“Three things I liked about the training: 1) Very expository. 2) Questions were answered well. 3) Les is quite experienced giving credibility to his teaching. He has been in church for a long time and has operated in various giftings.” DM

“Les taught from a Spirit of Grace so I did not feel forced to perform. He also clarified confusing points for me and helped me see things differently. I loved the analogy to the body systems. Looking forward to the next training in our new building!” JK

“The material was detailed and well researched. Les is knowledgeable about the subject. It whetted our appetite about serving and being part of the body.” PMK

DISC Profile Workshop, Life Community Church
“The three best things about the workshop were understanding needs of others unlike me, that we could laugh about our differences, and that the DISC Profile was very well explained. The strategies for working, relating, and resolving conflict were also insightful and helpful. Now I see areas of behavior I’m asking the Lord to temper!” Denise

“Very interesting and interactive, very relaxed, with great personal examples and illustrations that made it stick. I discovered the balance my wife brings into my life!” Anonymous

DISC Profile Workshop, Greater Glory Church
“It was real, spot on, practical, very helpful in giving me understanding of others, my own strengths and weaknesses, and how I can draw on the strengths of others.” Anonymous

Friendship Evangelism Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya
“Very practical, it made it feel like it can be done. It was a revelation about salvation. Before I have been or feared being confrontational. It had been a monologue but now I see how it can be a dialogue, non-threatening, and respectful. I have also seen how I can approach my coaching in evangelism. I now have several tools to try as I rely on the power of the Holy Spirit. Can’t wait to use these tools with someone.” Barnabas

“The tools are doable. We can implement this and with enthusiasm. The materials are easy to understand and assimilate. My take out is that evangelism (relational) is a long term investment, not short term. What excites me the most about sharing with those who don’t yet know Jesus is that it can be an exciting and engaging dialogue.” Mark

“I was blessed about cell church. I would like to tell you that I will tell God to help me to start home cells again with impact of the Holy Spirit.” Lydia Muiruri

I have learned the easiest way for evangelism through cell. I have been using a lot of time and energy and money for evangelism. Thanks to you, Les & Twyla Brickman. All the glory be to God for making and giving you such wonderful gifts. Cell Conference Pastor in Kakamega

 The teachings have been very helpful and an eye opener. Personally, I have learned new methods of running cell groups. I thank God for this and I hope I will get more from you in the future. Surely is this is applied, our churches will grow. God bless you so much.  Pastor in Kakamega

It is a great thing that you decided to hold this training in Nyeri. I and the pastors are so blessed with your ministry and the teaching about the 43rd tribe which is so great in our community and nation. This is a “MUST HEAR” message to every born again believer. Man, we were so much blessed by the way you present your message with a lot of clarity and much research...My churches and the churches in Nyeri will never be the same again for you have touched my heart and others and encouraged us to move on with the work of ministry. God bless you and also bless all those who support you to do what you are doing for the Body of Jesus Christ in Africa.
Rev. Charles Wachira
, Nyeri

“Les Brickman talking about the cell church is like he projected into my heart and saw the church meet back home. May God bless him for being used together with his wife to minister the Word of God here for me.” Pastor Solomon

“Les and Twyla Brickman did a splendid job in bringing to our attention the need to return to the New Testament model of church as Christ I believe intended. My local church, Glory Community Assembly in Rongo, is supposedly founded on the vision of community transformation through Christ working with and through assembly of believers using the cell group structure in impacting the community. I brought with me to this conference two church leaders and we are challenged to pray and adopt Strategic Cell Church approach in facilitating true fellowship and transformation in the community. Both pastors have been enthusiastically sharing their excitement like I have never seen them do before. They have been energized and encouraged to continue in ministry without reservation. They look forward to future leadership conferences and the cell church conferences by the Brickmans.” Pastor William Aludo, Rongo

“In this conference I am so built in the message of 2-Winged Church by Les Brickman on home ministry. The ministry and vision God has called me has being so much being uplifted and envisioned to encounter every challenge and opposition for fulfillment of the vision plan knowing God’s provision will be supplied.” Pastor Mwabwale

“The teaching on cell church by Brickman was wonderful.” Rev. Elijah Ngugi

Philippines Testimonies

Champions for Christ, Baliwag, Philippines
"Thanks for a heartfelt hands and door open for me. Thanks for making me feel loved and cared for. I really appreciate you and your parents that was so kind to me and to all of us. Thanks a lot to your mom for sharing with me her testimony and for praying for me. I'm so touched with her praying for me." Crizza

Sharing the Journey Pulilan, Philippines
"We want to say thank you to your mom and dad to teach us and encourage us to serve the Lord and to teach us how to be good leaders. We pray blessings and good health and strong faith to God to you and to your family." Manansala Family

"Thanks for inviting us! Les & Twyla are so amazing! I'm inspired by their life, how they became Christians and met Jesus and about how they accepted their differences and use it to cover each others weakness. I'm blessed just being there sitting and listening to them." - Anonymous

Personal Ministry Baliwag, Philippines
"I had a really great time with your father. I had those "whoa" moments that really impacted me. What an experience! I'm soooo blessed!" Arjohn

Philippines Ministry
"Dr. Les & Twyla Brickman ministered in such a timely way to the students of the Leadership Training & Development Classes. From the first day sharing their testimonies and journeys together to the teaching on Conflict Resolution, the students were glued to what they shared and how God was able to change their lives so dramatically. Their lessons tied in with the student's own journeys throughout the Leadership classes and really solidified earlier teachings! During the 2 day Champions For Christ retreat, the students were dramatically changed as they arrived not knowing how bound they were spiritually and leaving "much lighter" having experienced true freedom from the peer ministry time! For some, this retreat was the highlight of the leadership classes! At the worship workshop one participant told me they worshipped for the first time ever - though they'd been attending a church for nearly 2 years now! The impact of learning about personal worship and doing so in the presence of the Lord changed their worship experience forever! At the culmination of the classes, graduation, Dr. Les presented such a clear teaching about the process God takes us through as we become Vessels of Honor. From start to finish, the students were impacted and changed forever! Thank you for your time, energy and love towards the students and those that attended the other events! Your investment here in the Philippines will live on long after you are gone." Sarah Brickman, Developer of Leadership Training & Development Classes

Misc Ministry Testimonies

Pastor Dave HagniAfter two sputtering attempts at transitioning our church to cell life I was fortunate to be able to attend the first module of SCMI's cell training. It was so good I asked my wife to rearrange her busy schedule so that we could attend the next two modules together. The investment helped to get us both on the same page and headed in the same direction with the same vision. The teaching and practical workshops provided the broad perspective, depth of understanding, and ministry tools crucial for a successful cell plant or transition. When I first came to module one (because of my failed attempts) I wasn't totally convinced that the cell church was "doable" in all contexts. Now, I believe with the right values, vision, and practices cell life is doable in almost any ministry context. My wife and I are very appreciative of the support we received and the relationships we formed with Les and Twyla and the others attending the modules. I guess when it comes to cells as a way of living and ministering you could now say that now we are "Lifers"! Pastor Dave Hagni - Grace Fellowship, Rolla, Missouri

Dr. Wm. Drew MountcastleI was inspired to see and discover that what I knew in theory should be done can in fact be done - transition a tired old program-driven church into a vibrant body. Quality was written all over it and through and through it. Les' presentations were clear and understandable for everyone. Everything was thoughtfully presented in easily understandable terms without hyperbole or overstatement. The teaching is thorough. Most questions were well-anticipated and reflected experience which came from 'the school of hard knocks.' Yet it was not so voluminous to make it impossible to digest. This was no mere formula. The Biblical basis and roots were not merely proof-texted, but well-considered in Scriptural principles and examples. Les Brickman has lived it and teaches it. I'd say, listen to him. The benefit to your church situation is a transformation of a tired old program into a dynamic movement of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Wm. Drew Mountcastle - ACTS2020 Ministry - Santa Ana Free Methodist Church, California

I have had the distinct pleasure of taking the three cell courses with Dr. Les and Twyla Brickman. My time in class proved incredibly informative. The Lord allowed me to encounter this Spirit-filled couple at a point in my life and the life of our ministry in Kingston, where the concepts of cell life needed to be understood. Time with them allowed me to understand and to strategically plan for how our church might transition to a cell church. Admittedly, the transition process is tenuous at best, and it is not even clear that this transition is possible. However, I have been provided with very pragmatic means of determining the feasibility of transitioning our church, while gleaning some very good tools and information that is already being utilized to change our church into more of what the Lord would have us be. Dr. Les & Twyla's personal sharing has proven invaluable to my personal walk with the Lord. Their transparency and willingness to open up to me, has had an impact probably beyond what they realize. I certainly have spoken on a few occasions to Dr. Les via telephone and gained specific direction and real discernment about where I was relative to my ministry. I applaud the efforts of the Brickman's, SCMI and Regent University for their offerings to the body of Christ.... I have been and continue to be extremely blessed by them!  Pastor James Childs - Church of God in Christ - Kingston, New York

Bryan and Pauline Carraway After years of observing 20% of the members of a local church doing 80% of the ministry I realized that our very structures were part of the problem. I became convinced that cell groups were both biblical and practical, i.e. they work! A major reason I attended seminary at Regent University was because they offered a major in cell group ministry. The cell classes taught by Dr. Brickman revolutionized my ministry! The main point he hammered into our heads is that successful cell ministry is built upon a change in values, not a change in structure. I was challenged, broadened, and excited by what I learned from the Brickman's and would highly recommend that you take advantage of their experience and expertise in this field. My wife and I now serve as the cell ministry coordinators at our church. A little over a year ago we had no cell groups in our church and now 25% of our church is in a group. Since starting cell groups we have seen spiritual growth, a closer fellowship, and more outreach to our unsaved neighbors and friends than ever before. I'll never go back to doing church the traditional way and I'll never grow tired of thanking Les and Twyla Brickman for what they imparted into me.  Bryan and Pauline Carraway - Regent University Alumni

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