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Seminars & Workshops
SCMI provides on-site seminars and workshops to accommodate your ever expanding needs. In today’s economy, why spend “big bucks” to send one or two individuals to a seminar, when you can train your entire leadership team, or selected membership, without ever leaving home? Think of just a few of the many possibilities…
  1. Leading a Life Changing Cell
    One day seminar for cell leaders and interns. Learn how to lead a cell in ways that will change the lives of your cell members!

  2. Encountering Christ in Cell
    One day seminar for church members. Learn how to encounter Christ's presence weekly in cell.

  3. Becoming an Effective Cell Coach
    Equip your Cell Coaches to really coach. This seminar can be done either in a condensed one day format or as a full weekend of interaction.

  4. Releasing Spiritual Gifts in the Cell Church
    One day seminar covers the basics of spiritual gifts and their use both in the cell and in the corporate congregation. This also includes a practical plan for implementation of a gift-based ministry.

  5. Resolving Conflicts Biblically
    Conflicts are inevitable in relationships, even more apparent in cells and cell churches due to closer relationships and change. Learn positive, healthy and biblical techniques for resolution.

  6. Enriching Your Marriage
    Les & Twyla have not only been married themselves for 37 years, but have extensive experience in pre-marital and marriage counseling. If you want a thorough, practical, fun, and insightful seminar for couples, then this one is for you!

  7. Empowering Couples in Team Ministry
    Les & Twyla have worked together in various roles during 37 years of Team Ministry. Whether the role is Pastor/wife, Pastor/Staff, Co-Pastors, Co-Cell Leaders, co-owners of a business, or co-workers in a secular job, having experienced them all, Les & Twyla can share stories, give wisdom, and present the challenges of couples in ministry.

  8. Building Dynamic Teams
    DiSC and Winslow Personality Profile - building effective staff teams through mutual understanding.

  9. Experiencing a Leadership Cell
    Two hour actual cell with your top 12 leaders designed to model how a cell should be led and experienced. Especially helpful for churches just beginning, or for those struggling with unhealthy cells or inexperienced leaders.

  10. Cell Topical Seminars
    Your church or leaders may need more in-depth information regarding certain aspects of cell ministry.  These topics were formerly Doctor of Ministry lectures at Regent University and can be customized to meet your needs. See Topics

  11. Customized Seminar
    Les & Twyla specialize in giving you the tailor-made seminar to fit exactly what your church requires. Don't be afraid to specify what your people need! Discuss with us the possibility of a customized seminar that does not fit the subjects listed above.



 Leading a Life Changing Cell
  Encountering Christ in Cell
  Becoming an Effective Cell Coach
  Releasing Spiritual Gifts
  Resolving Conflicts Biblically
  Enriching Your Marriage
  Empowering Couples in Ministry
  Building Dynamic Teams
  Experiencing a Leadership Cell
  Cell Topical Seminars
  Customized Seminars


  Investigating Cell Church Models
  Implementing a Cell Model
  Values Transformation
  De-Bugging Your Cell Church
  Individualized Church Consultation
  Personalized Ministry

Addtl Coach Training

  ACT - Accelerated Coach Training
  RTT - Real Talk Training
  Cell / SG Coach Workshops

Dr. Les Brickman Teaching

International Conference

Dr. Les Brickman teaching in Bulgaria

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