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Les’ heart is to be a Father in the Lord, forming authentic relationships with both present and future international leaders, serving them as a skilled coaching and teaching catalyst, and effectively integrating the principles of Lifeforming Leadership Coaching (LLC), Cell Church, and Natural Church Development, thereby bringing to greater maturity both their personal and ministry lives.

  • 1996 - While working as a pastoral consultant and writer for TOUCH Outreach Ministries, the Lord launched Les into international ministry. Les began regularly teaching in Canada and working with pastors from overseas, who were attending TOUCH’s Year of Transition Training.

  • 1997 to 1998 - Les flew five times to St. Petersburg, Russia, to hold cell training for Russian Pastors.

  • 1999 - Les and Twyla moved to St. Petersburg under the umbrella of Cell Church Resource Network, TOUCH Outreach Ministries and Regent University, where they designed, traveled and taught in Novosibirsk, Yaroslavl, Chelyabinsk and Volgograd, what came to be known as the Russian Year of Training. While in Russia, Les and Twyla also flew into Poland for ministry.

  • 2000 to 2002 - Les continued to teach and consult international students as the professor of Cell Church at Regent University.

  • 2002 to 2006 - Les made more than a dozen trips to the Republic of Korea where he taught Korean pastors and students enrolled in Regent University’s Korean Doctoral and Master level programs.

  • Since 2001 - Under the auspices of Regent University, Les has trained a number of pastors and missionaries to Mexico, Guatemala, Ethiopia, the UAE, and a number of creative access countries.

  • 2003 - Les added to his credentials a coaching certification with LLC, for whom he now also serves as a Coach Trainer. Working for LLC, Les has trained professional life coaches in Singapore, Malaysia, Botswana, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Australia. As a Master Coach, Les has continued to serve clients in Korea and Singapore, as well as within the United States.

  • 2008 - Les traveled to Singapore to do consultation and workshops for Riverlife Church.

  • 2008 - Les traveled to Bulgaria and Hungary to do additional coach training.

  • 2008 - Les and Twyla traveled to Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya providing several days of training for pastors in each location.

  • 2009 - Les and Twyla, now based from Nairobi, Kenya, taught pastors and leaders from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  • 2010 - Les & Twyla provided coaching and training for leaders in Kenya and other East African countries.

  • 2011 - This year's focus was on training Life Coaching students, as well as working with Kenyan leaders on their own Kingdom Marriages. A number of additional training materials were also developed for East Africa.

  • 2012 - Life coaching expanded in Kenya while still coaching clients in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Training for home cell groups was established with a number of local African pastors. Les & Twyla also traveled to the Philippines to preach, do orphan ministry, and provide training events on Resolving Conflict Biblically, Worship, and Champions in Christ.

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