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Cell Seminars
Your church or leaders may need more in-depth information regarding certain aspects of cell ministry.  These topics were formerly Doctor of Ministry lectures at Regent University. They may provide the details you require. They may also be customized according to your unique need.

Individual Cell Seminars

  • Paradigm Shifts
  • What is a Cell Church?
  • Ethics, Values & Change
  • Phases of Transition
  • Objectives & Goals
  • Charting a Smooth Transition
  • Insights on Change
  • Preparing Key People
  • Preparing Your Congregation
  • What is a Cell?
  • Edification in the Cell
  • Power of Prototyping
  • Cell Church or House Church?
  • Equipping through the Cell
  • Evangelism Through the Cell
  • Becoming Paradigm Pioneers
  • One Church - Two Calendars
  • Manifestational Gifts
  • Multiplying Your Prototype
  • Homogeneous Cells
  • Youth Cells
  • College Cells
  • Intergenerational Cells
  • Children in the Cell Church
  • Weekend Events - T.O.M. Model
  • Developing Cell Apprentices
  • Developing Cell Worship Leaders
  • Developing Cell Coaches
  • Designing Harvest Events
  • Touching Hearts Weekend
  • Share / Interest / Alpha Groups
  • Mission Overview
  • Employing the Six Thinking Hats
  • Cell Church Planting
  • Natural Church Development
  • Sharpening Your Strategy
  • Leading Change
  • Removing Obstacles
  • Coaching Your Leaders
  • Developing Soul Therapy
  • Penetration Strategies
  • Cross Cultural Missions
  • Utilizing D.I.S.C. Tools
  • Resolving Conflict

Dr. Les Brickman teaching
International Conference

Twyla Brickman teaching

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