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Cell Evangelism    I have learned the easiest way for evangelism through cell. I have been using a lot of time and energy and money for evangelism. Thanks to you, Les & Twyla Brickman. All the glory be to God for making and giving you such wonderful gifts. Cell Conference Pastor in Kakamega
Eye Opener    The teachings have been very helpful and an eye opener. Personally, I have learned new methods of running cell groups. I thank God for this and I hope I will get more from you in the future. Surely is this is applied, our churches will grow. God bless you so much.  Pastor in Kakamega
Rev. Charles WachiraMust Hear!     It is a great thing that you decided to hold this training in Nyeri. I and the pastors are so blessed with your ministry and the teaching about the 43rd tribe which is so great in our community and nation. This is a “MUST HEAR” message to every born again believer. Man, we were so much blessed by the way you present your message with a lot of clarity and much research...My churches and the churches in Nyeri will never be the same again for you have touched my heart and others and encouraged us to move on with the work of ministry. God bless you and also bless all those who support you to do what you are doing for the Body of Jesus Christ in Africa.
Rev. Charles Wachira
, Nyeri
Projected Into Heart     “Les Brickman talking about the cell church is like he projected into my heart and saw the church meet back home. May God bless him for being used together with his wife to minister the Word of God here for me.” Pastor Solomon
Re-starting Cell Groups     “I was blessed about cell church. I would like to tell you that I will tell God to help me to start home cells again with impact of the Holy Spirit.” Lydia Muiruri
Pastor William AludoSplendid Job!     “Les and Twyla Brickman did a splendid job in bringing to our attention the need to return to the New Testament model of church as Christ I believe intended. My local church, Glory Community Assembly in Rongo, is supposedly founded on the vision of community transformation through Christ working with and through assembly of believers using the cell group structure in impacting the community. I brought with me to this conference two church leaders and we are challenged to pray and adopt Strategic Cell Church approach in facilitating true fellowship and transformation in the community. Both pastors have been enthusiastically sharing their excitement like I have never seen them do before. They have been energized and encouraged to continue in ministry without reservation. They look forward to future leadership conferences and the cell church conferences by the Brickmans.” Pastor William Aludo, Rongo
Two-Winged Church     “In this conference I am so built in the message of 2-Winged Church by Les Brickman on home ministry. The ministry and vision God has called me has being so much being uplifted and envisioned to encounter every challenge and opposition for fulfillment of the vision plan knowing God’s provision will be supplied.” Pastor Mwabwale
Wonderful!     “The teaching on cell church by Brickman was wonderful.” Rev. Elijah Ngugi
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