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About the MBTI

  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument measures personality preference on four scales; Extraversion - Introversion (E - I), Sensing - Intuition (S - N), Thinking - Feeling (T - F), and Judgment - Perception (J - P). The theory and scales are briefly described.

Isabel Myers

  • A biographical sketch of the creator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument, the most widely used personality assessment in the world today.

Type Descriptions

  • Personality preferences reported through the MBTI tool result in 16 different personality types, one of which should fit you. Read brief profiles on all 16 types.

Type Dynamics

  • Psychological Type is not static. There is interplay between the different preferred functions of the 16 types, resulting in different strengths for each.

Reliability and Validity

  • An explanation of these basic statistical concepts and why it is important in the field of psychological tests.

Test Comparison

  • The MBTI instrument is about healthy personality. It does not measure, diagnose, or address mental health issues.

Ethical Use

  • There is a code of ethics for the appropriate use of psychological type. For example, type should not be used as a basis for workplace hiring decisions.

MBTI Contact Page

  • So, you interested in taking the MBTI Assessment? Great! Use this form to send us a brief email. We will respond to your inquiry promptly with additional information including the various fees.

Report Options

  • Various profiles and reports are generated by the different forms of the MBTI instrument The linked table identifies these and shows the MBTI form or forms that produce particular profiles and reports.

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