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  Cell Coaches

Becoming An Effective Cell Coach

Learn the "ins" and "outs" of coaching your Cell Leaders! 

Les and Twyla together provide this exciting training for Coaches. Begin with an overview of Coach responsibilities and the Coach's personal life. Consider how coaching the players includes knowing the players, recruiting new players, and providing training for the players. Next, zero in on coaching the game by calling the plays, evaluating the game, and handling tough calls. 8 Sessions. iPod Compatible Download.

Audio Download $4.95 USD

Become an Effective Cell Coach
Cell Leaders

NEWCoaching Your Cell Apprentice to Greatness!

For the first time ever, there are now comprehensive training resources for home cell group apprentices, targeting all three domains of learning, and experienced within a coaching paradigm. Watch them become transformed, as you Coach them to Greatness! What's Included? Everything You Need!      


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What About Intergenerational Cells

Twyla Brickman shares insights and answers common questions about how to effectively include children in intergenerational cell groups. 2 sessions. iPod Compatible Download.

Audio Download $2.95 USD
Intergenerational Cells

For Cell Leaders Only - Shepherd Your Flock

More Les and Twyla direct this series especially to you, Cell Leaders. Understand your cell and better shepherd your flock! Understand Your Role as the Cell Leader! Lead your cell in the basics of Edification, Equipping, Evangelism, Cell Worship, and Community. 8 Sessions. iPod Compatible Download.

Audio Download $4.95 USD
Shepherd Your Flock
Pastors & Cell Leaders

Boot Camp - Preparing Your Congregation For Cell Life

Before placing your members into a new structure, equip them in the values of cell life. Boot Camp will teach your future cell members the values of living in seven-day-a-week community, the difference between a Bible study and a cell group, and relationship evangelism. Don't assume that people will change just because they are placed into a cell structure. A smooth transition to cells begins with this 12 week training. 12 Teachings + Instructions. iPod Compatible download.

Receive a live Boot Camp presentation to train your trainers. Also included are 12 dynamic PowerPoint presentations, along with each week's accompanying small group handouts and homework assignments (MS Word format). Mac and PC compatible!


Download $9.95 USD
Boot Camp

Spiritual Gifts in the Cell Church

In this series Dr. Brickman covers the basics of manifestational and functional spiritual gifts, including how to release them both in the cell and in the corporate congregation. This series also includes a practical implementation plan to move your church forward into a gift-based ministry, moving beyond the prevalent but ineffective volunteer based or shared ministry based systems of ministry. 8 Sessions. iPod Compatible Download. Optional 75+ page syllabus (8.5 x 11) provides a great supplement to the audio series.

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Spiritual Gifts in the Cell Church

The Parenting Series

Twyla brings her 38 years of marriage and 36 years of being a parent to four grown children (and now three grandchildren) to bear on the subject of biblical parenting. These seven teachings cover foundations of parenting, understanding children, filling their emotional tanks, Godly discipline, training children to help at home, spiritual instruction, and helping them discover their destiny. 7 Sessions. iPod Compatible Download.

Audio Download $4.95 USD
The Parenting Series

Resolving Conflict Biblically

Twyla Brickman provides practical and biblical teaching on understanding, predicting, solving and managing conflict. Strengthen your interpersonal skills, open communication lines, and keep the enemy from destroying your relationships at home, at work, in the neighborhood, and in the church.
5 Sessions. iPod Compatible Download.

Audio Download $4.95 USD
Resolving Conflict Biblically
  Cell Worship Leaders

Cell Worship - Experience the Manifest Presence of Christ

Learn how to bring your cell weekly into the Manifest Presence of Christ. Twyla provides both insights into the meaning of true worship as well as practical tips for preparation and leading. 2 Sessions. iPod Compatible Download.

Audo Download $2.95 USD
Cell Worship Leaders
Preparing the 21st Century Church  

Phenomenal power! Explosive growth! Genuine community! Can the church in America, twenty-one centuries later, really experience what we read about in the Book of Acts? Les Brickman shows you why the answer is a resounding, "Yes... if." Whether a church planter just beginning, a seasoned pastor, or a church leader, you will be challenged to the core, both by the questions and the answers you hold in your hands.

Are you willing to spend the necessary time to prepare a wineskin able to release your vision from God? Are you prepared to pay the price so you can embrace His destiny for your ministry and church? Journey with Dr. Brickman and come to understand what values, lifestyle, and activities will have to change for you to experience what they experienced, and beyond.

"How to" books on church growth and cell ministry too often miss the critical preparations so vital to releasing God's life through the Church. Informative and theological, yet practical and prophetic, Preparing the 21st Century Church will cause you to reconsider the whole way you "do church", even "cell church."

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Preparing the 21st Century Church
NEWThe Cell En-CELL-clopedia  

914 Pages – 117 Topics – 103 Reproducible Forms!
Available ONLY as an EBOOK

This is the ultimate cell ministry resource! Literally everything from A to Z is at your fingertips. Easy to download...and even easier to use. No special reader is necessary. Opens with any version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Works on both pc and mac. Like other electronic concordances, translations, theological resources and study books, the electronic version of The Cell En-CELL-clopedia will help you locate vital information faster than a physical counterpart.

*** Reduced Price***   $9.95 USD

Cell En-cell-clopedia
Yoked Together - Couples in Team Ministry  

More and more, couples today are starting and running businesses, serving together in various church ministries, relocating overseas as missionaries, and even co-pastoring. if you are working together in ANY capacity with your spouse, this book is for YOU!

With transparent frankness, Twyla shares her own personal and often painful journey through each season of womanhood - dating, marriage, family crisis, motherhood, education, employment, and full-time Christian ministry.

You will experience great encouragement and growth in your own pilgrimage as you enter into her struggles, her failures, and her successes. Each chapter concludes with questions for you and your spouse to discuss together - questions uniquely designed to help you work quickly through issues that took Twyla and her husband decades to learn.

Audio Book Download $5.95 USD

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Yoked Together - Couples in Team Ministry
Cell-ebrating Communion  

Tired of taking the Lord's Supper the same old way? Here are 29 innovative and fresh ideas your cell leaders can use to celebrate the Lord's Supper during cell. Binder includes suggestions, printed scripture verses, serving ideas and worship. Each of these practical guides assists the cell group to focus on various aspects of the Lord's Supper. Very user friendly!! 1 binder (49 pages)

Download $3.95 USD
Cell-ebrating Communion in the Cell
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