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Are you tired of the same old methods for training your Cell Apprentice, methods that don't really accomplish what you had in mind, anyway?

Are you dreaming of somehow impacting more than just their ability to lead a cell meeting?

Do you believe training can also be transformational?



914 Pages – 117 Topics – 103 Reproducible Forms!
Available ONLY as an EBOOK

This is the ultimate cell ministry resource! Literally everything from A to Z is at your fingertips. Easy to download...and even easier to use. No special reader is necessary. Opens with any version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Works on both pc and mac. Like other electronic concordances, translations, theological resources and study books, the electronic version of The Cell En-CELL-clopedia will help you locate vital information faster than a physical counterpart.

Read what Leaders in the cell movement are saying about The Cell En-CELL-clopedia!

"This is the most incredibly complete cell church resource that I have ever seen in my life! It addresses nearly every aspect of cell ministry I can think of, and it is so easy to use, because everything is in alphabetical order. What a great gift to those who are sincere about reaching the world for Christ and making disciples through cell groups based on models of Jesus and Paul the apostle. READ MORE

 Preparing the 21st Century Church
Phenomenal power! Explosive growth! Genuine community! Can the church in America, twenty-one centuries later, really experience what we read about in the Book of Acts? Les Brickman shows you why the answer is a resounding, "Yes... if." Whether a church planter just beginning, a seasoned pastor, or a church leader, you will be challenged to the core, both by the questions and the answers you hold in your hands. READ MORE
 Yoked Together
More and more, couples today are starting and running businesses, serving together in various church ministries, relocating overseas as missionaries, and even co-pastoring. if you are working together in ANY capacity with your spouse, this book is for YOU! READ MORE
 NCD & Cell Church
Les Brickman, an expert in the cell church strategy, has understood how NCD and cell church fit like a glove. Dr. Brickman is the first author to connect NCD to cell church in an in-depth way, which he describes in these pages. This ground-breaking book will explain how NCD and cell church can work together to grow healthy, God-pleasing churches that glorify Jesus and advance the kingdom. READ MORE
 Cell-ebrating Communion

Tired of taking the Lord's Supper the same old way? Here are 29 innovative and fresh ideas your cell leaders can use to celebrate the Lord's Supper during cell. Binder includes suggestions, printed scripture verses, serving ideas and worship. READ MORE

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