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Preparing the 21st Century Church BOOKYoked Together BOOK

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Are you tired of the same old methods for training your Cell Apprentice, methods that don't really accomplish what you had in mind, anyway?

Are you dreaming of somehow impacting more than just their ability to lead a cell meeting?

Do you believe training can also be transformational?

For the first time ever, there are now comprehensive training resources for home cell group apprentices, targeting all three domains of learning, and experienced within a coaching paradigm. Watch them become transformed – Coach them to Greatness!


What's Included? Everything You Need!

    72 page Trainer’s Manual for the Cell Leader

    167 page Manual for both the Cell Leader and Apprentice

    CD of audio input sessions for the Apprentice

    CD of the 914 page The Cell En-CELL-clopedia for the Apprentice

    Includes complete instructions

    Includes chart of weekly assignments

    Includes coaching tips for those lacking any prior coach training

9 Unique Features

    1. Coaching Paradigm – Cell Apprentice training within a coaching framework.
    2. Skill Based Learning – Ensuring the Apprentice acquires clearly defined skil sets.
    3. Adult Learning Techniques – Targeting all three domains of learning::
             – Head (cognitive)
             – Hands (psychomotor)
             – Heart (affective)
    4. Hands-on Experiences– Regularly schedued throughout the weekly cell group cycle
    5. Personal Coaching – Face-to-face opportunities provide for personal coaching
    6. Training schedule – Strategically spread throughout the cell cycle
    7. Multi-faceted training manuals - Print them, or use them electronically
    8. Computerized pdf files – Reading assignments at your fingertips
    9. Mp3 audio input sessions – Providing weekly encouragement and tips

    Two Bound Notebooks + Two Data CDs  2,500 KSh
    (Contact Nairobi Office for Volume Discounts)

Cell En-cell-clopedia

914 Pages – 117 Topics – 103 Reproducible Forms!
Available ONLY as an EBOOK

This is the ultimate cell ministry resource! Literally everything from A to Z is at your fingertips. Easy to download...and even easier to use. No special reader is necessary. Opens with any version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Works on both pc and mac. Like other electronic concordances, translations, theological resources and study books, the electronic version of The Cell En-CELL-clopedia will help you locate vital information faster than a physical counterpart.

Data CD 750 KSh

  Preparing the 21st Century Church
Preparing the 21st Century Church BOOK

Phenomenal power! Explosive growth! Genuine community! Can the church, twenty-one centuries later, really experience what we read about in the Book of Acts? Dr. Brickman shows you why the answer is a resounding, "Yes... if." Whether a church planter just beginning, a seasoned pastor, or a church leader, you will be challenged to the core, both by the questions and the answers you hold in your hands.

Soft Cover Book 1,000 KSh

  Yoked Together
Yoked Together BOOK

More and more, couples today are starting and running businesses, serving together in various church ministries, relocating overseas as missionaries, and even co-pastoring. if you are working together in ANY capacity with your spouse, this book is for YOU!

With transparent frankness, Twyla shares her own personal and often painful journey through each season of womanhood - dating, marriage, family crisis, motherhood, education, employment, and full-time Christian ministry. You will experience great encouragement and growth in your own pilgrimage as you enter into her struggles, her failures, and her successes. Each chapter concludes with questions for you and your spouse to discuss together - questions uniquely designed to help you work quickly through issues that took Twyla and her husband decades to learn.     
                                     Soft Cover Book 600 KSh;      Audio Book CD 300 KSh

  Cell-ebrating Communion
Yoked Together BOOK

Tired of taking the Lord's Supper the same old way? Here are 29 innovative and fresh ideas your cell leaders can use to celebrate the Lord's Supper during cell. Resource includes suggestions, scripture verses, serving ideas and worship. Each of these practical guides assists the cell group to focus on various aspects of the Lord's Supper. Very user friendly!! 49 pages.

Bound Notebook 300 KSh

  Spiritual Gifts Notebook
Yoked Together BOOK

This 75 page notebook can be used for taking notes as you listen to the teachings on both Manifestational  Giftings, as well as Functional Giftings, of the Holy Spirit or can simply be read. Gain understanding of how the Holy Spirit  manifests His giftings in both public and private settings according to the need in any given situation. See how the Lord places each person in His Body as He wishes gifting each one with at least one primary functional gifting and how these functional giftings parallel the systems in the human body. The four appendices provide practical helps for implementing the spiritual gift paradigm for ministry in the local church.           Bound Notebook 400 KSh

  Easy Lessons

"Life lessons wouldn’t be so if they were learned over a period of just a couple years, thus the 100 Life Lessons contained in this book took nearly three decades to learn. Though any individual will benefit by applying these lessons in their own life, the author’s intent is only to share what she has come to understand about relationships, life, work, and faith in God and help each reader process their reactions to each lesson through thought provoking questions. As each reader grows and learns they will open themselves to the possibilities of a life worth living, a life full of adventure! People from any faith will glean insight and wisdom from the lessons learned. In fact, for those that share a very different view, this book may introduce you to a type of Christian you’ve never met before, and one, surprisingly enough, you wouldn’t mind knowing."                   Discover the EASY Lessons Sarah Learned the HARD way!

Use in a SMALL GROUP or for your PERSONAL DEVOTIONS! This book is a also a great DISCIPLESHIP TOOL, as well as an encouragement for believers that struggle with becoming more like Christ.
Soft Cover Book 600 KSh;      Audio Book CD 300 KSh;      E-Book CD 300 KS

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