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Winslow Assessment Details

Your Winslow Bible-Based Believer’s Report...

  • is prepared from the results of the Winslow Dynamics Profile, a validated personality assessment. 
  • measures the 24 personality characteristics related to career success and personal contentment.
  • is internet based, user-friendly, and enables you to complete the Profile at your location and convenience.
  • takes less than one hour to complete, and your results are available on the internet shortly after the assessment is complete.
  • results are used to create a report that presents objective information on your personality, behavior and attitudes.

With this information before you, you can capitalize on your personality assets, modify your personality, and control your behavior. The results will help you achieve success in your career and contentment in your personal lifestyle. In addition to personal development, this Report can be used for personal coaching, pre-marital preparation, to enhance marriage and family relations, as well as for a host of other applications.

Your Winslow Bible-Based Report will include the following sections:

  • Personality Profiles:  Graphically illustrate your 24 personality traits on four separate charts: Interpersonal Traits, Dedication Traits, Organizational Traits, and Self-control Traits.
  • Personality Trait Descriptions:  The score you receive for each of the 24 Winslow Traits is described as it applies specifically to you.  These messages present a comprehensive and objective description of your behavior and attitudes.  Included in each of the 24 Trait Descriptions are Bible Verses and references to assist you in better understanding your personality, attitudes and behavior.
  • Influential Traits:  More detailed information is provided on your personality assets and areas of concern.  These are the traits that will have the most profound influence in your career and personal life.  By knowing which of your traits will serve as assets and which could prevent you from achieving your potential, you will be more successful in your career and more content in your personal life. These descriptions also include Bible Verses to assist you in understanding and development.
  • Personal Development:  Suggestions are presented to enable you to capitalize on your assets and to control or modify your areas of concern. This information puts your new found insight to work immediately.  You learn how to make the most out of your future with initial, continuing, and future development.
  • Optional Report for Your Minister or Christian Coach: If you are participating in a church program, personal coaching program, or working with a minister, a condensed Counselor's Version of your Report can be processed for them upon request, at no additional fee. This Report enhances your Discipler's understanding of you and to help you achieve the goals of the program.

Winslow Assessment Details

Jump-start your future TODAY for only $349!

Contact us to embark upon a whole new journey of self-understanding and personal development.

     SCMI’s Winslow Assessment Package includes:

  1. Password access to Winslow’s internet-based program

  2. A 40+ page report detailing your assessment results

  3. Commentary on how each of your personality traits serves you in a business environment

  4. Suggestions for continued personal development

  5. One 90-minute call with SCMI’s Winslow Certified Master Coach to discuss your assessment results and assist you in determining your pivotal next step

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