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Winslow Assessment Details

Based on the results of a comprehensive questionnaire, a detailed report with Bible verses is prepared describing your personality, to enhance your career success and personal contentment, and to strengthen your walk with the Lord.

Take the Winslow Bible-Based Behavior Assessment and discover:

  • How you stack up to others in career positions you’re considering
  • How to predict your responses in any given situation
  • What your “hot-buttons” are – and why
  • Which of your personality traits have the greatest impact on your behavior
  • How to apply your newfound insight toward achieving your goals in life
  • Which of your personality traits you may want to strengthen…or weaken
  • How to get greater satisfaction from personal and business relationships
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Personality traits have been proven to affect your success!
Which personality traits impact us the greatest?

  • Interpersonal Traits influence the quality and effectiveness of your interactions with managers, peers, subordinates, customers, friends, relatives and others.

  • Organizational Traits affect your ability to organize and control all elements of your personal and physical environments.

  • Dedication Traits fundamental to your success and happiness regardless of your career choice, position, or personal lifestyle.

  • Self-Control Traits indicate your usual emotional state, your ability to cope with stress, and your capacity to manage your emotions in stressful situations.

Most employers today use assessments during the hiring process to weed out people who don’t “fit their mold.” Several of the major sports team franchises also use assessments to decide whom they want to pick for their teams. Tie-breaking decisions during draft picks have been made based on the players’ personality assessment results and NOT by comparing their skills on the playing field!

Winslow Research Institute has provided its Behavior Assessment Systems to organizations, professional sports teams and individuals for over 38 years.  Personal coaching organizations including Franklin Covey, Professional Education Institute and others, leading authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, Steven Covey, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, and hundreds of coaches utilize the Winslow Reports in their programs.


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