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Cell Group Coach Workshop

This is a two part workshop designed to train your cell or Small Group Coaches in the practice of actually coaching your church's  vital cell / small group leaders.

Part 1 - A One Day Workshop with 6 Life Changing Sessions Dr. Les Brickman Teaching
  • Session #1 provides a context within which the workshop takes on practical meaning and application. We will describe the nature of the coaching relationship between cell leaders / small group leaders and their coaches. Participants will also examine why a clear mandate with leadership buy-in is required for an effective coaching relationship.

  • Session #2 further develops the necessity of buy-in and illustrate what it feels like to coach toward a mandated value or practice for which their is little or no buy-in. PArticipants will be gin to coach each other toward a goal for which they have buy-in.

  • Session #3 introduces the use of a skill assessment form to determine goals the cell leader / small group leader desires to develop. The coach will learn how to provide feedback into an evaluation process ion a healthy manner

  • Session #4 assists the coach in identifying and developing S.M.A.R.T.  goals.

  • Session #5 increases the coach's skill of helping leaders explore, discover new insights, and think creatively about their S.M.A.R.T. goal.

  • Session #6 challenges coaches to recognize how easily it is to fall into the trap of quickly moving away from new idea generation to solution oriented mode, and train them in the use of an Options Brain Dump to assist in generating new ideas.
Part 2 - A One Day Workshop OR A Tele-class Spread Over 6 Weeks Classroom
  • Tele-class #1 continues to hone the skills of Assessment and Goal practice.

  • Tele-class #2 expands on the need for and technique of exploration employing intuition indicators and visualization  to assist in fleshing out a goal.

  • Tele-class #3 trains the coach in the use of the G.E.T. model to assist their leaders in generating options, establishing solutions, and taking action.

  • Tele-class #4 trains the coach how to use an Action Brain Dump to develop genuine actions. 

  • Tele-class #5 focuses on getting commitment from and coaching your leaders through the process of developing concrete action steps

  • Tele-class #6 The coach practices putting it all together (Assessment, Exploration, Option Generation & Evaluation, Action Steps, Action Planning)


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