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ACT Coach Training

Just giving someone a title doesn't make him or her a coach. Coaching is a completely different way of working with people than counseling or discipling, and in-depth, experiential training is absolutely vital to becoming an effective coach.

The ACT Program offers the kind of serious training needed for lasting results, all within an accessible time frame. ACT uses the same exercises, role plays and one-on-one coaching Lifeforming Leadership Coaching (LLC) has developed to train professional coaches, repackaged into an affordable format. We'll have a group of your leaders coaching effectively in only 9 weeks, then follow up with 12 additional weeks of ongoing support to get them off to a great start!


Unlock Sustainable Change:       

  • Catalyze In-depth Conversations
  • Lead Engaging Meetings
  • Listen Intuitively
  • Ask Powerful Questions
  • Enhance Your Development of Other
  • The ACT Program is an in-depth, 15 week program designed for those who desire to use coaching practices in their current role.  It employs a combination of two one-day workshops, eight tele-class training sessions, and eight personal coaching sessions with a peer coach and/or coach trainer, to create personal transformation in the lives of the trainees. You will practice skills including asking powerful questions, active listening, the G.R.O.W. model of coaching, redefining success and failure, catalyzing in-depth coaching conversations, and setting up a coaching client relationship.

    Your sustainable personal change experience positions you to replicate this experience with others.  Organizational culture shifts when the leaders of an organization each experience personal change and practice our methodologies. At completion of the ACT Program you will have the option to upgrade into the Professional Program by taking the five-week ACT Upgrade Course. You will also be qualified to present the Real Talk Training Seminar.

    Get Started Now
    1. ACT is designed for training a group of coaches, so normally the program is sponsored by a host organization that wants to train a group of it's leaders. If the ACT Program is exactly what you are looking for and you're ready to go, click here to send us a special sign up form. If you would like more information please contact us.
    2. Taste and See First. Sometimes it may be best to start with a kick-off event to familiarize your people with coaching and build interest. If you'd like to experience what coaching is all about before you commit to a training program, consider sponsoring a 'taste and see' event. As an LLC partner, SCMI offers a variety of introductory seminars and workshops to help you find out more about coaching, and can help you get started with ACT. Click here to send us a special sign up form


    Sample Session Audio

    Marketplace ACT
    "Redefining Success"
    by Dr. Joseph Umidi
    Download mp3 » (13.3 MB)

    Ministry ACT
    "Biblical Authenticity & the Stages of Authenticity"
    by Diana Gonzalez
    Download mp3 » (19.9 MB)

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    The ACT Program Schedule
    PHASE 1
    Week 1 – Workshop 1
    Teleclass Group Sessions:
    Week 2 – Active Listening and Powerful Questions/Setting Up Your Peer-Coach Relationship
    Week 3 – Authentic Relationships for Transformational Coaching
    Week 4 – Healthy Accountability
    Week 5 – Learning the G.R.O.W. Model
    Week 6 – Practicing the G.R.O.W. Model for Coaching Conversations
    Week 7 – How Change Happens
    Week 8 – Redefining Success and Failure
    Week 9 – Setting Up a Coaching Client Relationship

    PHASE 2
    Week 10 – Workshop 2
    Teleclass Group Sessions:
    Week 11 – 3-way Coaching Appointment (trainer does coaching)
    Week 12 – 3-way Coaching Appointment (trainer does coaching)
    Week 13 – 3-way Coaching Appointment (peer coaching w/ trainer feedback)
    Week 14 – 3-way Coaching Appointment (peer coaching w/ trainer feedback)
    Week 15 – Summary and Celebration
    Following the Accelerated Coach Training:
    Week 16 – 18 Peers continue peer coaching without the coach trainer present

    ACT Outcomes
    • Core values – Deeply grasp the three core Lifeforming coaching values and integrate them into your coaching and leadership practices
    • Coaching defined – Define what coaching is, how it differs from mentoring & counseling, and be able to develop and use basic coaching skills
    • Intuitive listening – Learn to listen with your intuition for the key words that can take the conversation to the transformational level
    • Powerful questions – Develop the skill of asking powerful questions which can open up new perspectives without causing a reaction
    • Authenticity – Experience an authentic peer relationship and develop the ability to catalyze authenticity with a coaching client
    • Healthy accountability – Experience healthy peer accountability, and demonstrate the ability to offer effective accountability to clients
    • The G.R.O.W. model – Become adept at using the G.R.O.W. model to focus a coaching conversation
    • Coaching relationship – Learn how to establish & structure a coaching relationship, then put that knowledge into practice with a coaching client
    • Action steps – Learn how to develop clear and challenging action steps with a high level of buy-in from the client
    • Expectations – Be able to maintain expectations and momentum in a coaching relationship


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