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Starting a coaching relationship is easy.
For additional information, contact us to set up a skype appointment. (Be sure to include skype name.) Ask about a complimentary session!

YOU Choose...

The Coach Does the Rest.

Attention Potential Clients

1. What you want to work on

2. Actions steps to take

3. Set your own pace


* Helps you focus your ideas into goals and action steps

* Offers a listening ear

* Asks challenging questions that get you thinking

* Provides support & accountability for follow through

Before contacting us, please download and complete the complimentary coaching form and review the following three pages.

What do you need to take your ministry, business or personal life to the next level?

SCMI can help you refocus, meet a challenging ministry goal, reconnect with your passion for ministry, navigate a transition or bring balance to your life. A coach is like a personal trainer for anything you want to work on: a confidant, partner, and supporter who pushes you to grow faster and be your best. And one who works from a biblical values system and understands the leadership challenges you face makes a great partner.

SCMI is committed to providing the best in Christian coaching to bring out the best in you. Here's what a personal coaching relationship looks like. You'll meet two to three times a month with your personal coach. You'll choose what you want to work on, the action steps you want to take, and set your own pace. The coach helps you focus your ideas into goals and action steps, offers a listening ear and challenging questions that get you thinking, and provides the support and accountability you need to follow through.

Each session begins with a progress report on your goals and action steps. Then you'll discuss next steps, generate options, troubleshoot obstacles, and develop a set of action steps you want to take before the next appointment. You are always in charge of what you want to work on!

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