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Natural Church Development (NCD) provides one of the best assessments available today to evaluate the health of your church. Just as going to a doctor for a health checkup is highly recommended, so is an assessment of the health of your church. But going to a doctor doesn't make you healthy. You have do something about it!

Your coach will help you and your church health team administer the survey to your congregation and review with you the results of the health survey. From there you and your team will be coached through the final selection of a church health team and then you will engage in a process of in-depth evaluation to discover key issues that contribute to your score. You will develop a strategic plan to not just increase your score but to bring increasing health to your congregation. Following implementation, you will again take the NCD survey to assess the increase in the health of your church.

Your coach will walk with you every step of the way, ensuring healthy positive change for your church.

Your Church Will Experience...

  1. An objective assessment of its health
  2. Unified sense of direction
  3. Church health team that works together
  4. A strategic planning process that is tailored to your specific church
  5. Goals and objectives uniquely designed by your team to increase the health of your church
  6. A follow-up assessment to determine increased health

Natural Church Development has proven that healthy churches are growing churches. Why not discover the natural "all by itself" kind of growth potential that God has already placed in your church?


As Pastor, You Will Receive...

  1. 12 monthly coaching sessions
  2. Additional email support as needed
  3. 2 NCD surveys and results (a year apart)
  4. Releasing Your Church's Potential manual (with CD Rom and worksheets)
  5. Membership to CoachNet ®, a website specializing in the application of NCD principles and process
  6. Handouts, teaching tools, PowerPoint presentation and worksheets to effectively walk your church through the NCD process
  7. Coaching tools that will enhance your coaching sessions
  8. Additional leadership resources, coaching guides and worksheets for church health and growth

This package is only $1995 USD!

Avail yourself today of one of the best assessments available
to evaluate and then raise the health of your church!

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