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Life Coaching

Take a moment. Think about an important life goal you want to reach, a significant change you’re attempting to make, or an area where you’ve always wanted to improve the quality of your life. If you found a way to greatly increase your chances of success, would you do it?  Download the Brochure

More and more people have discovered the difference a coach can make in maximizing their opportunities in life. As a coach I help people succeed! Coaching is not about dispensing advice or fixing you. Instead, a coach helps you find your motivation, clarify your objectives and stay on track to meet them. If you’ve never experienced how empowering the support and encouragement of a coach can be, you owe it to yourself to find out!  

Distinctive qualities that set my coaching relationships apart from the others. 

  1. Dr. Les BrickmanGain a Kingdom Perspective
    I will help you see how God is at work in you in every circumstance you are in, positive or negative.
    Everything works together for good when you embrace this growth attitude. 

  2. Know Who You Are
    You will get to know your inner world—your dreams, gifting, personality type, life stage and destiny. The creative environment of our coaching relationship makes this an exciting adventure of discovery.

  3. Revel in Relationship
    You will receive the gift of an authentic, encouraging and supportive relationship.
    Great relationships empower you to reach higher and be your best!

Want to get the most out of life? Then take the coaching challenge!
Discover what having a personal coach can do for you!

  1. Professional Coach

  2. Licensed LLC Coach Trainer

  3. 38 Years in Church Leadership

  4. Founder and President of SCMI

  5. 13 years as Adjunct Professor at Regent University

While I coach in a wide variety of areas and with a broad range of people, here are a few of my favorites: 
  1. Emerging International Leaders

  2. Pastors & Para-Church Leaders

  3. Discovering Your Calling & Destiny

  4. Cell Church Planters / Pastors

  5. Attaining Balance & Rest in Life
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