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Key Behaviors
SCMI is committed to these Key Coaching Behaviors as we coach you towards fulfillment of your vision and goals.


Coaches Provide C.L.E.A.R. Perspective
  Clients Embrace R.E.A.L. Change
As a great coach, SCMI will help you go beyond where you might have ventured on their own, by challenging you to reach higher and expand your goals, and to go deeper to the transformational level instead of focusing on symptoms and surface issues.

Simply listening alone is a tremendous gift we can give to you. Listening helps you talk through a potential course of action and clarify your own thoughts. Active listening using intuition and powerful questions leads to fresh insight and more significant reflection.

Affirmation re-energizes you and actively helps you reach your goals. SCMI will share your excitement about your progress, look forward to meeting, inspire you with validation of who you are and what you can become.

Accountability provides the discipline a client needs to get important things done. Healthy accountability builds on your internal motivation, and maintains progress toward important goals while flexibly adapting to the realities of life.

An authentic, life-giving relationship is the doorway into your life and the source of SCMI's influence as a coach. Great coaches are constantly building relational capital, catalyzing authenticity and caring for the relationship.

Coaching provides a sounding board–feedback, a fresh viewpoint and occasionally a healthy dose of truth–to help you solve your own problems. Great coaching helps align your thinking with reality in order to produce effective solutions.


Coaching keeps the responsibility with you, which builds your capacity for growth and honors you as a healthy, capable individual. Solutions and actions are produced and owned by you, and focused on your change goal.

Your awareness is raised by openly reflecting on and discussing what is going on in your life. The SCMI coach's curiosity and intuition help you examine thoughts and actions at a deeper level, leading to increased insight and self-understanding.

Coaching is about healthy people taking action to reach important goals. A coaching relationship should produce specific, client-initiated action steps that move the client forward toward their change goal.

SCMI's Cell Church Coaching references the external reality of a biblical value system, and in pastors and church leaders who choose to follow Christ, it fosters an ever-greater alignment with the Lordship of Christ.

When the ten elements listed above are present in our coaching relationship, the normal result is transformation: deep, lasting significant change in both your life and the life of your church.

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