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NCD & Cell Church
I have embraced the NCD (Natural Church Development) paradigm. Why should I adopt the Cell paradigm?
  • Research comparing NCD scores of cell churches and non-cell churches showed cell churches
    overall averaged significantly higher (59) in all areas than non-cell churches (45).
  • NCD is a powerful tool God is using worldwide to help churches grow inn both quality and quantity.

How can these two paradigms be successfully and powerfully integrated?

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NCD & Cell Church

"Les Brickman, an expert in the cell church strategy, has understood how NCD and cell church fit like a glove. Dr. Brickman is the first author to connect NCD to cell church in an in-depth way, which he describes in these pages. This ground-breaking book will explain how NCD and cell church can work together to grow healthy, God-pleasing churches that glorify Jesus and advance the kingdom."
- Joel Comiskey, Church Consultant, Author & Missionary

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