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Cell En-cell-clopedia

I have been blessed by my friends Twyla and her husband Les for many years. We first met when the Brickmans were serving Ralph Neighbour when he released his earth-shattering book “Where do we go from Here?” They were training pastors all over the world in a new paradigm of church life, where the believers actually became ministers in home groups like the Bible says they should. Then we served together in church planting as Twyla and Les continued to pave the way and learn as practitioners. You see, this is not a book about theory. Twyla and Les have been involved in nearly every aspect of cell church life there is for a span of 35 years! And today, when I get to Nairobi Kenya, I continue to marvel as I see first hand how the Brickmans continue to obey the Lord from their base there, still training God’s leaders and His people in the basics of New Testament Christianity, as the church is built from house to house.

This En-CELL-clopedia is amazing! It contains 117 topics, as well as over 200 pages of reproducible forms to provide each level of your cell leadership with whatever they need for vibrant and successful home cell group ministry. Whether you are involved in cell groups, house churches, life groups, small groups, discipleship groups, simple churches…this book is for you. Don’t leave home without it!

Thanks, Twyla, for this wonderful contribution to the body of Christ to help us fulfill the Great Commission.

God bless you"

Larry Kreider
International Director
DOVE Christian Fellowship Intl.

"Les and Twyla Brickman have been used by the Father as few servants in the Kingdom to pioneer the cell church movement. Caught by the vision in the earliest days of the modern movement, they have experienced both planting and pastoring cell churches before becoming trainers of others. Their monumental Boot Camp is now equipping pastors in Africa. I do not think there is another person on earth who could prepare this En-CELL-clopedia except Twyla Brickman. Nearly a thousand pages long, it is loaded with biblical basis and practical experience that will make it a classic in cell church literature. It is birthed at the dawn of electronic books, significant because it will be so easy to use when in a non-printed format. I shall recommend it to all who are serious about the vision of the Last Days ecclesia where Christ activates His new body to reveal His power and purpose."

Dr. Ralph Neighbour
D. Min. Adjunct Professor, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

Yes, this is the Encyclopedia of Cell Ministry!

Weighing in at over 900 pages, a traditional hard copy edition would cost upwards of $65.00, hardly an affordable price for each of your cell leaders to have for their own resource. With an introductory price of $16.95, and quantity discounts available, The Cell En-CELL-clopedia is now readily available so each of your cell leaders may possess this invaluable training and resource tool for themselves.

  $9.95 USD

Cell En-cell-clopedia


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