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Coaching Your Cell Apprentice to Greatness!


For the first time ever, there are now comprehensive training resources for home cell group apprentices, targeting all three domains of learning, and experienced within a coaching paradigm. Watch them become transformed, as you Coach them to Greatness!


What's Included? Everything You Need!

    Downloadable 72 page Trainer’s Manual for the Cell Leader

    Downloadable 167 page Manual for the Cell Leader and Apprentice

    Downloadable audio input sessions for the Apprentice

    Downloadable 914 page The Cell En-CELL-clopedia

    Includes complete instructions

    Includes chart of weekly assignments

    Includes coaching tips for those lacking any prior coach training

9 Unique Features

    1. Coaching Paradigm – Cell Apprentice training within a coaching framework.
    2. Skill Based Learning – Ensuring the Apprentice acquires clearly defined skil sets.
    3. Adult Learning Techniques – Targeting all three domains of learning::
             – Head (cognitive)
             – Hands (psychomotor)
             – Heart (affective)
    4. Hands-on Experiences– Regularly schedued throughout the weekly cell group cycle
    5. Personal Coaching – Face-to-face opportunities provide for personal coaching
    6. Training schedule – Strategically spread throughout the cell cycle
    7. Multi-faceted training manuals - Print them, or use them electronically
    8. Computerized pdf files – Reading assignments at your fingertips
    9. Mp3 audio input sessions – Providing weekly encouragement and tips

    May be Printed as Two Bound Notebooks + Two Data CDs

    Quantity Discounts Available

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