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Boot Camp - Preparing Your Congregation For Cell Life

Before placing your members into a new structure, equip them in the values of cell life. Boot Camp will teach your future cell members the values of living in seven-day-a-week community, the difference between a Bible study and a cell group, and relationship evangelism. Don't assume that people will change just because they are placed into a cell structure. A smooth transition to cells begins with this 12 week training. Now available with Power Points. 12 Teachings + Instructions. iPod Compatible download.

Receive a live Boot Camp presentation to train your trainers. Also included are 12 dynamic PowerPoint presentations, along with each week's accompanying small group handouts and homework assignments (MS Word format). Mac and PC compatible!

Audio Book Download $17.95 USD

Boot Camp


Spiritual Gifts in the Cell Church


Spiritual Gifts in the Cell Church

In this series Dr. Brickman covers the basics of manifestational and functional spiritual gifts, including how to release them both in the cell and in the corporate congregation. This series also includes a practical implementation plan to move your church forward into a gift-based ministry, moving beyond the prevalent but ineffective volunteer based or shared ministry based systems of ministry. 8 Sessions. iPod Compatible Download. Optional 75+ page syllabus (8.5 x 11) provides a great supplement to the audio series.

Download – Audio Book $15.95 USD
Download – Notes $4.95 USD
Download – Audio + Notes $18.95 USD

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