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What About Intergenerational Cells

Twyla Brickman shares insights and answers common questions about how to effectively include children in intergenerational cell groups. 2 sessions. iPod Compatible Download.

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What About Intergenerational Cells?

For Cell Leaders Only - Shepherd Your Flock

More Les and Twyla direct this series especially to you, Cell Leaders. Understand your cell and better shepherd your flock! Understand Your Role as the Cell Leader! Lead your cell in the basics of Edification, Equipping, Evangelism, Cell Worship, and Community. 8 Sessions. iPod Compatible Download.

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Shepherd Your Flock
  • Understanding Your Cell Consider with Twyla what makes a cell different from other kinds of small groups, the biblical basis of cells, cell goals, the cell life cycle, cell multiplication, and how to overcome intern shortages.

  • Understanding Your Role Twyla expands your understanding of what you have been called to do as a Cell Leader. Lay hold of your destiny in Christ! Learn about your own spiritual preparation in prayer, your relationship to the rest of the cell team, your relationship to your coach, your responsibilities during the cell time, and how to get to know and care for your members.

  • Leading Your Cell in Edification Learn how to facilitate the application of God's Word in each life as cell members share and minister to one another in a natural format. Les shares tips to make this time in the Word truly an encounter with Christ's Edifying Power!

  • Leading Your Cell in Equipping Investigate with Les the importance of an equipping track, how it works, how to pair up your cell members, how to track their accountability, how to chart their growth, how to disciple new converts, and how this produces future leaders!

  • Leading Your Cell in Evangelism Twyla challenges you to move into the harvest as you lead your cell members to recognize their existing relationships with unbelievers. Learn a variety of ways to guide this continual outward focus of the cell as your members pray for, network together, build relationships with, serve, share with, harvest, and conserve the fruit of their lost friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

  • Overseeing Cell Worship Twyla provides practical tips for making cell worship more than singing songs. Encounter Christ's Manifest Presence as you oversee this connection of your cell members with heaven! Everything else in the cell will flow from this.

  • Leading Your Cell into Community Twyla shares how you can encourage your cell members in a New Testament lifestyle of koinonia and unity as they spend time together outside of the formal gathering. The necessity of covenant is also addressed.

  • Leading Your Cell in the Basics Twyla gets you started in your cell ministry as you look at weekly preparation for cell, guiding the welcome, planning fun times, and taking care of practical cell "housekeeping" issues, such as hosts, refreshments, announcements, tracking the equipping, and the prayer chain.

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