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Our Vision
Strategic Cell Ministries International (SCMI) was founded by Dr. Les & Twyla Brickman in 1998 and continues to impact countless nations worldwide through its many facets of ministry. SCMI is dedicated to integrating the Cell Church Paradigm with Natural Church Development (NCD) and Lifeforming Leadership Coaching (LLC).

We Believe

  1. The Cell Church Paradigm provides the most effective wineskin for the 21st Century Church.
  2. NCD provides an objective standard by which to evaluate & increase a church's overall health.
  3. LLC provides the heart and hands for the continuous empowerment of leadership.
  4. By integrating these three principles we offer a unique perspective and strategy for assisting
    you in the development of your cell church plant or transition.


Find out more by clicking on the links below.

  • Cell Church Paradigm - A Wineskin for the 21st Century
  • Natural Church Development - Principles of Life
  • Lifeforming Leadership Coaching - The Key to Effectively Developing & Empowering Leaders

  • Global Vision

    Christian leaders and organizations, healthy and equipped, fundamentally impacting and transforming their spheres of influence.


    Mission Statement

    To invest in Christian leaders and organizations, bringing them into their Kingdom purpose and destiny, developing customized cutting edge strategies and systems for effective cell
    church/micro church planting and transition.


    Dr. Les & Twyla Brickman

    Dr. Les & Twyla Brickman Regent University Graduation

    Dr. Les & Twyla Brickman Wedding Picture

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