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Our Perspective
SCMI is dedicated to integrating the Cell Church Paradigm with Natural Church Development (NCD) and Lifeforming Leadership Coaching (LLC). By integrating these three principles we offer a unique perspective and strategy for assisting you in the development of your cell church plant or transition.

  • Cell Church Paradigm - A Wineskin for the 21st Century

    The church today is faced with five critical questions. How each church faces and answers these questions will determine it's impact in the 21st century. SCMI believes that the cell church paradigm provides the most effective wineskin in which to answer these key questions.

    1. Edification - How is God moving to strengthen and build up the church? What principles of edification must be embraced?
    2. Equipping - How is God moving to train and equip the church? What are our equipping objectives? How will equipping be fleshed out?
    3. Empowering - How is God moving to mature and release leaders within the church? What will our coaching system look like?
    4. Evangelism - How is God moving to increase and multiply the church? Who is our target? What system will we develop for follow up?
    5. Every Member Ministry - How is God moving to mobilize and release each member in the church in service based upon their gifts?

  • Natural Church Development - Principles of Life

    Some people have missed what this abstract-sounding phrase really means: principles of life that are applicable to Christians in Africa as well as in Asia, in Australia as well as in Europe, in Latin America as well as in North America. They apply regardless of your theological bent, your philosophy of ministry, or your favorite church model. They apply to your personal life as well as to the life of your church. And they apply even if you decide not to utilize them.

    The Five Basic Components that make up NCD can be compared with five different parts of the human body. How healthy is our cell church body? What can we do to cooperate with the processes of God in removing hindrances and releasing the church's inherent life?

    1. The Muscles of NCD - 8 Quality Characteristics
    2. The Blood of NCD - 6 Growth Forces
    3. The Heart of NCD - Trinitarian Compass
    4. The Eyes of NCD - Minimum Factor
    5. The Hands of NCD - NCD Tools

  • Lifeforming Leadership Coaching - The Key to Effectively Developing & Empowering Leaders

    Leadership Coaching is the discipline of using relational influence to develop and empower adult leaders. In our generation a seismic change is occurring in the way that leaders are trained and developed. Much more than in the past, ministry leadership means influencing and empowering rather than ordering, working together with others, instead of telling them what to do or simply doing the work yourself. In short, to be an effective leader means being a coach.

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